“Other see, something new.”


Creativity takes courage – and deserves appreciation. We collect contemporary art from around the world. For our employees, to our business partners as well as for national and international investors. For those who value creativity and seek inspiration.

The focus of the PAT ART LAB is on contemporary art by renowned, but also previously unknown artists. This site provides an insight into our collection, which dates back some 30 years

Welcome to PAT ART LAB!

Art touches. They surprised and excited, gives impetus and instigates the exchange. Sometimes they also insecure or even provoked. Art is a source of inspiration and communication medium at the same time. She invites us to see time and space in a different way and to try something new.

Art connects. Whether artist or businessman, engineer or investor, administrator or designer: We all need the courage to think differently. The discipline to pursue goals. And the willingness to take risks. Art can be not only orientation but also enrich us.

Art challenges. Artists interpret the social currents of their time, refer attitude in personal, cultural and political issues and promote dialogue and the development of our society. Another reason why a public access to art is so important.