SCALE Munich 2017

Some short words to give you a background why a real estate company collaborating with a multinational crew of street artists:

There is a parallel in the ambition of PATRIZIA and that of a street artist. Both seek to increase an area’s value, whether that is the value of a building or the value of the urban area to the people who live there. And that is the aim of PAT Art Lab and in particular these SCALE events: to provide artists with canvasses in the form of buildings who through their creativity and expression can generate value for the buildings, the area and for society.

This societal ‘give something back’ aspect also allows me to introduce to you the PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung – our foundation which provides the buildings for schools and residences for disadvantaged children across the world. All the artwork created during PAT Art Lab’s SCALE 2017 event will be reproduced into high-quality prints and auctioned off in aid of the KinderHaus-Stiftung – with 100% of the money raised donated to the foundation.

Urban art conquers public space, works with and within the visual outer layers of the city; it invades the urban setting full of impulsive vitality and often with a poetical melancholy. The art documents realities and fantasy worlds without academic confinement thus initiating an involuntary exchange with each inhabitant of the city. In this manner, it is possible for each visitor to experience the formation of the works of art, and the atmosphere on site – in short, a concentration of artistic creativity at immediate proximity.


Huge Buildings made from concrete, glass and steel build the framework for art in a large-scale urban context. SCALE Munich is the first of its kind in the region: all buildings are located in one place and in one neighbourhood. All artists were working simultaneously in the last week of June 2017. Such a focused concentration of high-caliber artists on one location, simultaneously given access to an “open air work space” consisting of gigantic, exposed surfaces for open interpretation raises the bar, as it is one-of-a-kind in the region to date.

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The former Siemens grounds, comprising a vast extent of space, are ideal for the expression of the murals. The space between buildings is not limited by narrow, inner-city “street canyons”, to the contrary, there is ample space to step back and allow the impact of the images to play out.

They were able to gain inspiration, exchange ideas and play off one another. However, each artist was allocated a defined surface area for the realization of their own visual images. In this manner, the project provided artists a platform for interaction while at the same time allowing freedom of individual expression.

Eleven street artists from around the world have affirmed their commitment for the first SCALE Munich, the first mural festival initiated by PAT ART LAB:


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