„Art touches, connects and enhances."

Art increases the quality of life in big and small cities, but also in public and private spaces. Therefore PAT Art Lab is committed to the promotion of art in public as well as private spaces with a dedication to social responsability.

Art touches. Art surprises and inspires, gives impulses and encourages the exchange. Sometimes it also unsettles or even provokes. Art is both a source of inspiration and a medium of communication. It invites us to see time and space with different eyes and to dare something new. 

Art connects. Artists interpret the social movements of their time, take a stance on personal, cultural and political issues, and thus promote dialogue and the development of our society. This is the reason why public access to art is so important. 

Art enhances. Whether artist or businessman, engineer or investor, designer or administrator: we all need the courage to think differently. The discipline to pursue goals. And also the willingness to take risks. Art can be not only an orientation, but also an enhancement of the mind.

„PAT Art Lab wants to connect street art with people and create awareness how everyone can make an impact in their communities. PAT Art Lab supports the PATRIZIA Foundation to build educational infrastructure for children in need and thus give them the chance to live a better life in their communities.” (PAT Art Lab - Mission Statement) 

All proceeds from art (prints, art works, auctions) generated by PAT ART LAB go 100% to the PATRIZIA Foundation. You buy art and at the same time support the construction of schools, hospitals or shelters for children in need. More information about the foundation can be found here:

PAT Art Lab may be an incubator and catalyst for different and innovative thinking. A sustainable and experimental vessel for connections between art and social responsability. Points of contact may arise between art and artists, the local community, the PATRIZIA Foundation, education, institutions and other partners dealing with topics related to art or society. 

The goal is to strengthen social cohesion and thus look to a future worth living. 

PAT Art Lab

Fuggerstraße 26
86150 Augsburg

T +49 821 50910-000