„Art connects, touches and enhances/unfolds.“

Based on PATRIZIA AG's motto, PAT Art Lab and the PATRIZIA Foundation have joined forces to connect and promote culture, sustainability and charitable projects. The creative collaborations developed together are called „curated by PAT Art Lab “.

The vision of the collaboration between PAT Art Lab and PATRIZIA Foundation includes the following aspects:

  • Creating awareness for the diversity of the human, animal and plant world
  • Cultural connection and cultural knowledge enhancement
  • Appreciating and strengthening socio-cultural values 
  • Broadening horizons through freedom for creativity

All proceeds generated by PAT Art Lab go 100% to PATRIZIA Foundation.

The projects of the PATRIZIA Foundation are creatively incorporated in a mural. The artist has creative freedom in the implementation and choice of motif. The artist becomes a creative and long-term partner of the Foundation. Cultural promotion can thus be strengthened and at the same time give children a new perspective and support the Foundation.

PAT Art Lab

Fuggerstraße 26
86150 Augsburg

T +49 821 50910-000