2021 - Office FFM


The murals realized in the PATRIZIA offices in Frankfurt are situated near the main entrance of the offices, where all clients and visitors are welcomed but also where all the internal as well as external business meetings are held. On the third floor there is another mural that is accessible to internal employees. The intention of the murals in the community areas and meeting rooms is that employees and visitors are surrounded by creativity, fostering new ideas and positivity for their daily work! Both 15m2 murals have been curated by PAT Art Lab, on behalf of PATRIZIA. 

Ludovilk Myers’ mural is connected to PATRIZIA and carries the values of the company in it: ingenuity, optimism, courage and tenacity. In the meeting and lunch area the artist designed huge watermelons, which is his favorite fruit, but also represent a tasty color combination that impacts the viewer and makes you want more!

Falk 'Akut' Lehmann’s was created in collaboration with the PATRIZIA Foundation, especially incorporating and representing the exceptional world of the Ziegelhof, Child Therapy Center in Augsburg. The aim of this art work is to transmit the Foundation’s mission „Building Better Futures“.  

The mural on the Peloton wall on the third floor was designed by Cedric 'Sweetuno' Pintarelli and Pablo 'Hombre' Fontagnier. With its dynamic and "street-credible" appearance, it breaks the conventional office aesthetic and takes off for training in the Peloton space.

In addition, the office was decorated with artworks by other international artists. The motto is "thinking out of the box", with a lively aesthetic that brings different and new thoughts to everyone in everyday business.


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