In the 90s Hombre discovered his passion for drawing and painting. Grafitti quickly provided the niche in which he felt comfortable. Influenced by the comics of his childhood, a lot of inhaled paint and graffiti icons like can2, Atom and Mode2, he developed his own distinctive style. After school, Hombre continued to pursue his passion and also based his professional his professional career accordingly. Today he can call himself with a clear conscience illustrator and graphic designer with a clear conscience.

He has been self-employed since 2006 and has already presented his skills to big names such as Disney Germany, Casio, Pyromaniac Clothing, Eastpak, O2 and many more. The free art itself is still the main focus of his work. This is why he has had exhibitions in Shanghai, Pamplona, Berlin, Moscow, JAKARTA and many other cities.

His inspiration is life. It is the people from his everyday life, the music, the films and the fashion of his surroundings and the silverfish under his bed. His canvas is the world, from house facades to advertising screens, to the screen in his child's room.

Hombre brings light into the darkness, brings colour into the grey.


PAT Art Lab

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