Ludovilk Myers

Ludovilk Myers is born 1982, lives and works in the 93rd district of Paris suburbs. In 1998 he started writing graffiti in Paris. Being torn between geek and street culture as well as growing up in the Parisian suburbs and therefore glimpsing various traditions, was a rewarding experience for the artist. He graduated in Fine Arts in 2002 when he started to work as an art director as well as a digital graphic designer mainly in the music, luxury and fashion industry. Actually the transition from graffiti to art on canvas was not tied together. Eventually he started painting on canvas to relax his mind and in order to get his hands dirty from all the clean computer-based work all day long. His creative practice has a extensive palette of influences: personal interests as animals, fruits and plants merge with Heavy Metal music, Warhammer video games, horror movies and old Walt Disney cartoons of the 1930s. Ilk’s visual repertoire is organic, graphic, dark, raw, surrealistic and psychedelic. His beautiful, surreal and unique world of eclecticism lead him to important collaborations, such as an ambassador for Converse Cons in 2014 or designer for the iconic Timberland Yellow Boot in 2016. 

Ilk’s art should express contemplation and simplicity without the necessity of a revolutionary message. Within his creative practice he tries to counteract the immense flow of dramatic an brutal information through mass media that surrounds us day by day.


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