2017 - SCALE

15 international artists, 1900sqm of walls, one week of creativity at the highest level. These are the data for SCALE. As part of SCALE Munich, these artists painted five directly adjacent office buildings on the former Siemens Campus within one week. The concentration of creativity and oversized works at a single location sets standards and is so far unique in the Munich region or in Germany.

The title „Scale“ refers to dimensions. In the first line it leads to the dimension of huge outdoor “canvases” (meaning walls) to be painted in Munich from June 26. till July 1st. 15 street artists or artist-groups from around the world have affirmed their commitment for the first SCALE project, all of them highly sought after for their awe-inspiring works on walls across the globe: OsGemeos aus Sao Paulo, Axel Void aus Miami, ARYZ und Okuda San Miguel aus Spanien, Sainer (ETAM) aus Polen, jana&js aus Frankreich und Österreich sowie aus Deutschland Loomit, DAIM, SatOne, Daniel Man, und die Stone Age Kids.

An important partner of the artistic intervention ‘SCALE’ is the PATRIZIA Foundation, the charitable foundation of the presenter (PATRIZIA Real Estate). Since 1999, the PATRIZIA Foundation has built hospitals, orphanages and schools all over the world. High Quality prints (on Aluminium dibond) of the murals are going to be produced after the festival and sold for the purpose of raising money for the  PATRIZIA Foundation. All proceeds will be allocated 100 % to the construction of the respective actual project (2017: a school for 1.000 pupils in Zimbabwe).

For 2017, the venue is the former premises of Siemens, centrally located in Munich Obersendling.

The venue is extraordinary as an open-air art space. Large scale walls can be painted top to bottom and all over. The walls are very close to each other, so that all artists can work in constant exchange. The wide space beneath the buildings is breathtaking – no narrow streets with limited view, no heavy traffic, but the possibility to look at the murals as a whole from a distance. The visitors have a unique opportunity to participate in the process of creating the works of art.


PAT Art Lab

Fuggerstraße 26
86150 Augsburg

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