Mirko „DAIM“ Reisser

Born 1971 in Lüneburg, Germany.

In 1989 Mirko Reisser sprayed his first works. He already realized his first commissioned pieces in 1990.

1991, right after his graduation from secondary school, he began to work as a freelance artist and called himself DAIM.

Studied fine arts at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

1999, he founded the studio collaboration getting-up in Hamburg together with the artists Gerrit Peters and Heiko Zahlmann.

“DAIM’s programme comprises the construction, as well as de-construction of a word (at some point, in between the processes of annealing and erasure, it emerges out of a synaesthetic sphere) and reveals that it came into being out of nothingness and is always on the verge of disappearing into it again. DAIM-graffitis can be seen as fixed images of a word-formation that is constantly threatening to reassemble, denying access, escaping the demands of tangibility and, thereby, remain free and sovereign.“ Arne Rautenberg

„Shaping the character of letters and at the same time, discovering one’s own“ is his dictum.


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