Daniel Man

1969 born in London, spent his childhood in London and Hongkong, moved to Germany at the age of seven.

Daniel Man is a graffiti-writer since 1984, being among the first writers in Germany.
Studied at the academies of fine arts in Brunswig and Munich.

"The Networking in the Graffiti-scene was one of the best experiences I made in my life. To be in the scene, was like having a family and this was a global one. Painting together side by side was an intense collaboration."

"One key to my artwork is, to ask where we are located. It’s a question about space. Finding answers to this is like completing our own invented three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. These kind of complex structures give me the sight of an overview, how we are transconnected, taking and giving influences. This is what I’m reflecting in my work."



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