Loomit was born in 1968 in Celle, lives and works in Munich.

Around 1983, the artist tells "The older sister of my schoolmate came back from a one-year visit as an exchange student from New York City. She brought me the first information about hip hop and graffiti artists, so from that point on my life was filled with 'style'. It only took me one summer to bombard all available walls in this small city with pieces. My mother's decision to move to Munich opened up a much bigger playground for me to spray graffito's."

In 1986, Loomit excitedly painted his first train. This was accompanied by the opportunity to paint legally at the Dachau flea market, a huge flea market site with huge buildings and containers. So he could let his imagination run wild and created work after work. As soon as he immortalized himself on first Hall of Fame.

1987: A seventeen-page indictment led the sprayer through a very long trial. But this low was followed by Loomit's first visit to New York as a scholarship. Here began one of the most intense periods of learning in his life. He realized that graffiti spraying was not only 'style', but in his eyes, true art was and always is.

In 1991 Loomit undertook his first graffiti world tour, which took him to Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, to expand his knowledge and to meet sprayers from the scene.

In 1996 he created the then largest graffiti mural in the world in Bergedorf with sprayer and artist Mirko 'DAIM' and others. This graffito and its images went around the world. Loomit's breakthrough was now international. So followed invitations from other artists from around the world: London, Sete, Sao Paulo, Vienna, Geneva, Pisa, New York, Cape Town, Miami, Antwerp and many more. Numerous tours and projects with Os Gemeos in Germany (Bavaria, Munich), Brazil, Greece and other graffiti and street art meccas.

Loomit designed a graffito's and works for Hubert von Goisern (concert stage), for the World Cup in France, for the German Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai and for the German Embassy in Dehli. He was the first German graffiti artist to paint in Russia.

Important were various exhibitions in Germany, Europe as well as overseas at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, LA). On display was a photo of a wall from 1997, created by Loomit together with artists DAIM, Kent, Codeak and others in Frankfurt.

Loomit's describes his philosophy of life as follows, "Working in public is the ideal medium for my creative ego. As we all turn to dust, I do so knowing that many heads have passed by my walls."

In Munich where the artist left his mark in his heyday and devoted himself in this art, you can always find his unique signature. In Munich streets you can find murals and graffito's of him.

That's why this worldwide famous artist and pioneer had to become part of the PAT Art Lab, as well as create an unforgettable mural. 

Loomit is a real graffiti artist, who understands his craft, sprays purely with a spray can - no stencil art like Banksy 😉


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