Born in Barcelona, Spain.

Degree in fine arts, University of Barcelona. His Art roots in Hip Hop Culture and Graffiti.
Aryz was called „king of StreetArt“ at the age of 19. He soon became – despite of his youth – a very influential character for StreetArtists throughout the globe and has painted through locations on every continent.
Change and evolution is a recurring thing in Aryz´ body of work. He keeps changing formats, motives and techniques yet manages somehow to maintain a signature style. „Nothing is more boring to me than artists who keep repeating themselves.“ (Aryz, 2017)

Most important projects so far:

„I try to do each piece better than the one before. Best project is always going to be my next one. I hope that what I do speaks for itself. My work is my CV. I’ve been in a few fancy places but I don’t think that makes my art better.“
3 lines about your art:

„I’m never happy with the result, so that always makes me try again. 
Spain has a huge history of great painters, I’ve been influenced my many of the old masters.
I don’t think many artists in history had the chance to do big walls with such freedom, not showing sketch to anyone, and without any team of people behind. I actually don’t show sketch because most of the times I don’t have a defined idea of what’s going to happen. I like that challenge, there are many chances that it all can go wrong… and of course, sometimes it does.“



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