Anton Peter

Peter Anton's art is an ode to culinary pleasure. Above all, sweets are his specialty, along with pastries and savouries, his art is hyper-realistic and oversized, in bright colours made of various materials, such as wood, plaster or glue. A bit of chocolate drips from the kiwi or a bubble forms on the fried egg, the praline has been nibbled on, the ice cream is crushed on the stick - the so-called "candy artist" celebrates the joy of eating and the desire for sweets. Anton believes that in the art world in particular, too little respect has been paid to food itself.

"I was always thinking about how food is something we all have in common. It brings people together. It's such an important part of life, and I love the colours and textures, so it was just a natural thing. I went straight into food (with my art). My first sculpture was a frozen TV dinner", he says.

At the same time, he aims at our consumer behaviour with his large formats, exploring sugar’s darker side, our addiction to and obsession with debauching, the dangerous allure of the colourful, sticky, shiny sugar glaze.

American sculptor Peter Anton was born in New Haven in 1963. He began making facsimiles of food at a young age and claims he never wanted to be an artist because the young artists he knew at the time were always depressed. But through self-study, he taught himself to create very realistic food objects and eventually to elevate them to installations. From a general appraisal of food to the examination under a magnifying glass of, for example, the pores of candied orange peel in order to better reproduce the effect.

Peter Anton's works are represented in museums, galleries and fairs worldwide. In 2012, at Art Basel Miami Beach, he erected his installation "Sugar & Gomorrah," a roller coaster that took viewers on a ride through the exhibition, which featured his food sculptures, nude models, and ruins of a destroyed city.

He is represented in numerous corporate collections, and his works are also owned by well-known collectors such as Lord Norman Foster, Keith Richards and Bill Clinton.

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