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Ludovilk Myers

Ludovilk Myer's surreal and whimsical world of eclecticism has led him to important collaborations with international brands. He became the ambassador for Converse Cons in 2014 and the designer of the iconic Timberland Yellow Boot in 2016, for example. As a 10-year-old already he discovered heavy metal and horror films, and later holed up in the darkroom to develop his photos himself.  As a teenager he played with Magic and Warhammer Underworlds cards which brought him to graffiti writing.

He has been working as a graphic designer since 2006 for various brands and creative agencies. He is also a freelance artistic director in the digital field, mainly in the areas of music, luxury and fashion, which gives him a certain rigour and a good understanding of client retention.

In 2002, he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and subsequently began designing packaging for the Disney company. In this respect, the beginnings of his artistic career are often compared to a kind of eclecticism.

In parallel, he developed his personal style in painting, illustration, graphics, typography and photography - moving from graffiti to canvas, into a playful art of colourful compositions. This playful work is just one method of sinking into the depths of darkness of an organic and oppressive fantasy world.

He is also part of the Myers and Colombier duo, a surprising and enterprising four-handed art experience.

Ludovilk Myers was born in 1982 in the Seine-St. Denis district, in a so-called dark zone of the suburbs of Paris, where he still lives and works.

His exhibitions in Paris, Zurich, Munich and other European cities continue to attract attention.

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