Island 6 Gallery Art Pieces

Island6 is a Shanghai-based art platform, exhibition space and at the same time an international art collective of multidisciplinary artists, called “Liu Dao” - among them classical artists of painting, sculpture, photography and video, but also digital imaging artists, curators, dancers or even engineers and architects.

In a partnership-based exchange of means and media - from LED to photography to sculpture – they produce a visual, conceptual, humorous art language that is rooted in the most modern technologies. In doing so, the contribution of each artist is fully respected and credited.

Their shared passion is to work with the latest mechanisms while maintaining authentic art. Their innovative approach creates ground-breaking works that transcend boundaries.

Founded in 2006 by French artist and curator Thomas Charvériat, the art collective swears by its collaborative culture and interaction.

Island6 with its art collective has an international reputation and has notably been represented at major art fairs around the world, including Art Paris, Hong Kong Art Fair, Scope New York, Art Basel, and Art Dubai. 

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