Bergh Mariette

Mariette Bergh draws on her observations of humanity and experiences of life for most of her inspiration, with her emotions and the energy she draws from them providing the driving force behind her work. Music, poetry and the written word are other sources of inspiration. Bergh says: "My own experiences are illustrated by other real or fictional characters, animals or landscapes. At the moment, I enjoy the rough surface of wood, which I often combine with smooth glass, and paint or draw on both surfaces. Often my technique is a meditative process, like a transfer of energy into the work."

She uses a fairly monochrome colour palette, and her ink drawings often evince little contrast. Through the tensions that these create the viewer is invited to construct their own image in their mind's eye.

Mariette Bergh was born in 1982 and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She specialised in painting and sculpture at the National School of the Arts and then studied at Vega, the school for brand communication. She first worked as a graphic designer and art director for magazines for six years, but then decided to devote herself to the visual arts again: a welcome "free fall into independence" for her.

The artist has had three solo exhibitions to date. She has participated in numerous South African group exhibitions and has shown her work at the Hout Bay Gallery and as part of the Creative Block Project in Cape Town and Johannesburg, among others.

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