Bortusk Leer

Slovenian artist Bortusk Leer (born in 1974) has a mission in life: to cheer people up and "spray" positive emotions (in the truest sense of the word). He wants to counteract the too often seen 'depressism'.

Leer studied art at Canterbury Tech and Falmouth School of Art in the UK and has since lived in Amsterdam. An admirer of the CoBrA movement of mid-20th century artists, he returned to his roots, drawing inspiration from his own childhood drawings and paintings. His main motif: manic, euphoric, monster-like creatures. In London, he pasted these happy monsters painted in neon colours on newsprint. Bortusk Leer is the founding member of Art Comedy, and perhaps its only member. He doesn't limit himself - paintings, street art, television shows, videos, installations and performances are all part of his repertoire.

In 2009 Leer was commissioned by the BBC's children's division to create the television series Street Monsters; he made a series of monster cartoons.

Like CoBrA, he maintains a naïve style that mimics the simple lines, two-dimensionality, and primary colours that immediately appeal to children; and he, too, always perceives the world through a child’s  eyes, inspired by the children of the world.

Leer works with spray cans in the studio or on the street. Or creates psychedelically labelled assemblages in the style of the neo-pop artbrut.

His art aims to shock the viewer, if not to a new insight, then at least to a smile.

The artist has done solo and group exhibitions in Europe, North and South America since 2008.

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