The artist duo Guldenstern was founded in 1999 by Peter Wolframm and Peter Smolka, two Polish-born artists who now live in the Rhineland, in Germany.

They belong to the expressive German pop art and their paintings reflect a distinctive styl the European and American tradition of metropolises, movies and myths, glamour and iconic brands. They observe, photograph and portray the world we live in - reproducing photos of world stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Romy Schneider or James Dean, or focussing on historical or political tumoil in their works.

Their artworks are a superimposition of different media, photomontages with luminous acrylic drawings on canvas or aluminium plates. This media mix achieves harmony between an unpredictable interplay of layers, expressive painting and traditional composition.

Their collages and mixed-media paintings are pop art in the best sense of the word, and find their themes and motifs in the icon cult of the media society as well as the colourful goings-on of the big metropolises, and usually strongly inspired by the myth of America.

Smolka and Wolframm, who also appear as individuals, have a large fan base and are considered ambassadors of German pop art. As the Guldenstern duo, they have gained international attention and are represented in important public collections in Europe.

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