The London Police

The London Police (TLP) was founded in 1998 by Chaz, who moved from England to Amsterdam to rejuvenate the visually drab streets of the drug capital of the world. Later, his best friend Bob followed him and became a member of TLP. The goal was to combine travelling and art to create a unique lifestyle. In the first 10 years, membership of the collective constantly changed but Chaz remained faithful to TLP. Eventually, in 2009 Chaz and Bob celebrated their 10th anniversary at the Stolen Space Gallery with the exhibition called 10 Years on the Circle Line. Meanwhile their art work has adorned buildings and galleries all over the globe. Following their life motto “Never be scared, don’t be a hero and let the good times roll“, they travelled to more than 35 countries, including the Netherlands, Singapore, Italy, Norway, Slovakia and the United States.

Their key-signature character is the Lad (colloquial English: a male person of any age between early boyhood and maturity). The iconic black and white characters, with perfectly round heads, simple bodies and happy expressions are featured in many of their works. The unique key character’s clean and precise circle head is painted freehand by Chaz without using any tools, such as compasses or guides. The figure has developed from a basic stick-man to a clean, bold, graphic and highly recognisable signature of TLP.


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